The mistakes you should avoid before the marathon

The mistakes you should avoid before the marathon

You have decided to participate in a marathon and you are wondering if you have to pay attention to something before running? Here you will find five mistakes that runners often make and they cannot perform as they want, in order to know what you MUST NOT do…

You run many kilometers from the first trainings
You know that in the marathon you have to run 42 kilometers and you decide to run the whole distance before, from your first trainings. This is a fatal mistake in your attempt to run in the marathon. What is ideal is to share the kilometers per training until you are ready to do the whole distance later, not from the first workouts.

The pace of training
The preparation for the marathon can last for a long time. So you need to pay attention at the pace of the training. You should change it gradually, because this way you will increase your strength and breath. For example, change pace during training: you can combine 10 minutes of slow running with 5 minutes of intense running.

You don’t rest
The muscles of your body need rest in order to be able to perform. If your body gets very tired during the trainings, there is a risk not to be able to reach the marathon – which is your goal – because of injury! So, what you need is preparation without exaggerations.

You buy new shoes just before the marathon
The shoes are very important in a marathon. An error that many make, unconsciously, is that they buy new sports shoes a few days before the marathon! This is a huge mistake, because the shoes you wear will have to be tested throughout your training. You cannot run on new shoes, you need shoes that you have used the last months.

The ideal is to follow a balanced diet in the pre-marathon period, with the proteins and carbohydrates your muscles need, starchy foods for energy and endurance, and vegetables. It is no exaggeration to say that your success in a marathon depends primarily on your diet. It’s also important your food the day before the marathon (you should eat pasta) and don’t miss forget your breakfast on the day of the race (3 hours before you run).


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