Running Beyond Limits: Katerina’s Triumph over Myasthenia Gravis

Running Beyond Limits: Katerina’s Triumph over Myasthenia Gravis

Meet Katerina, a resilient runner who overcame the challenges presented by Myasthenia Gravis, a rare autoimmune disease affecting the body’s muscles.

Despite the hurdles, she bravely completed her first 1KM run in the Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon, last year, proudly wearing a T-shirt that declared “Myasthenia Can’t Stop Me.”

With the support of the Anorthosis Runners team, she’s now conquering 5KM runs weekly. Katerina’s unwavering courage and dedication symbolize the spirit of the Phoenix, rising strong despite adversity. Alongside her personal victories, she runs for a worthy cause, supporting those with similar struggles and supporting her fellow refugees from occupied Famagusta.

What initially made you interested in running?

I suffer from Mysthenia Gravris, a rare autoimmune disease, which affects all the muscles of the body. I never thought I could run. Last year I entered the Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon and ran 1km wearing a t-shirt that said “Myasthenia Can’t Stop Me”. It felt so good that I barely managed to finish. I am a member of Anorthosis Runners. I started weekly workouts and now Ι run 5km.

Tell us your story, why you run.

Every time I finish even close to last, I feel proud of myself. Myasthenia gravis is a very difficult disease. It takes courage and patience to coexist with Myasthenia. Running with the Anorthosis Runners team, I am reborn like the Phoenix that is our emblem.

Have you ever participated in any races or marathons for a charitable cause? What motivated you to combine running with supporting a cause?

I ran 5 kilometers for people with autism. We have to support people who are suffering from some diseases or problems.

Please give us more details if you are running for a specific cause this year.

I am in the team of Anorthosis Runners. We are refugees from occupied Famagusta and in every marathon, we run for Famagusta.