Larnaka Town Hall




Over 18 y.o. for 42K

Public road race announcement under the name Radisson Blu Larnaka Marathon


The Municipality of Larnaka and  Events Specialists announce a 42,195-meter marathon race to be held on the 18th of November 2018 at 8:00 am, starting and finishing at the Larnaka Town Hall.


Runners may place their personal items and clothing/footwear in a plastic bag. The plastic bag with their personal items must be handed in at least 40 minutes before the start of the race, at a specific – designated place at the starting area. The pickup of the plastic bags immediately after completion of the race will be carried out by the runners themselves from the same specific – designated location, with presentation of their participation number.

ATTENTION: The participation number must be clearly visible on the outside of the bag. The bag must be properly sealed and must not contain any travel documents, money, valuable items or medicines. The organizers cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuable items


Before you leave your accommodation make sure you have the following items with you:

  • Participation tag with your entry number and safety pins
  • The shoes and clothing you will run in
  • Post-race clothing and footwear


Participants will need to ensure that they arrive by their own means at the starting point at least one hour before the starting time (7:00).

Attention: From 7:00 until 15:00 there will be a ban on vehicle traffic on the race courses.

Placement at the starting point Runners must take their starting positions no later than 15 minutes before the starting time. Athletes from abroad and athletes from runners’ clubs will occupy the first rows at the starting line.

Runners are encouraged to demonstrate good sportsmanship and “fair play”, to give priority to athletes vying for top places.

The runners will be placed in two (2) different starting blocks.

  • Marathon Race 42,195 meters
  • Half-Marathon Race 21.0975 meters

Attention: The entry and start of the race from a block other than the one that is set for the runner to start from, results in the disqualification and deletion of his/her performance from the race results.


Along the route there will be the following support stations for the runners:

Water supply stations: at the 5 km mark and every 2.5 km following this point and at the finish.

First Aid Stations: found along the route and at the finish.

An ambulance with nurses will follow runners and a second ambulance will be standing by at the finish.    Rescuers and volunteers will be standing by along the route.

Time Limit of Completion of the Race

The Marathon race ends at 14:00, 6 hours after the start.

If the runner’s performance requires more time than the specified run time and run time limit, then he / she must move and continue his / her attempt WALKING along the pavement.

Safety reasons concerning the runners themselves, as well as safety reasons for vehicle traffic make imposition of this measure necessary. Please ensure that these instructions are strictly adhered to by runners.

If a runner abandons his attempt for any reason, he or she should contact a person in charge or volunteer of the Organizing Committee at any point along the route.

In the event that a runner does not need medical assistance, he / she may:

  • remain at the point where he/she stopped his attempt until he/she is promptly picked up by a vehicle of the organization that will necessarily transport him / her to the finish line
  • wait for the vehicle that will follow the last runners and collect the athletes who have abandoned the race
  • head to the finish on his / her own responsibility

WARNING: Runners who may continue their attempts outside of the time limit, on any part of the route, must be aware that they are RUNNING ON THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY.  After 15:00, the police will deliver the race route to vehicle traffic.


At the Starting and Finishing Point there will be electronic control zones and timing zones to record the intermediate times. Control stations will also be located at the distant intermediate points of the race. Any runner with no electronic indication at the start, finish and intermediate control zones will be disqualified.

Final performance will be recorded and announced only for those athletes who finish within the time limit of the race.

The electronic timing of the race as well as publication of the results has been undertaken by an official timekeeping company. For this reason, all participating runners should wear the number tag with integrated timing chips that they will receive from the Registration Center.


Immediate medical assistance can be provided by the medical staff located at the finishing area.

At the exit from the finishing area, athletes will be provided with water, isotonic drinks and fruit.



Runners will have the opportunity to be served by massage professionals.


Honorary diplomas will be given to the first three men and women winners of the following age categories after the official announcement of the results (immediately following the expiration of a one-week time limit allowed for objections):

  • Young athletes under the age of 20
  • Men / Women 20-35 years of age
  • Masters A. Men / Women 36-44 years of age
  • Masters B. Men / Women 45-54 years of age
  • Masters C. Men / Women 55 years of age or over