Finding Strength in Every Step: Liam’s Lifelong Running journey

Finding Strength in Every Step: Liam’s Lifelong Running journey

Meet Liam, a runner whose journey began at the age of four in a lively fun run at RAF Akrotiri, and is now a source of healing and personal growth. During times of emotional struggle, he found solace in putting one foot in front of the other.

For Liam, running isn’t just about the finish line; it’s about the journey and the impact he can create. He believes that running with a purpose is an integral part of the marathon experience. That’s why he’s chosen to run for a cause close to his heart – “One Dream One Wish.”

How long have you been running and when did you start?

My first memory of running comes from when I was around four years old in a fun run at RAF Akrotiri when my father was based there. Throughout school, back in the UK, I was always an avid runner competing in cross-country and track events, specifically the 800m.

What initially made you interested in running? What inspired you to participate in the Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon this year?

I can’t quite recall what my initial interest was with running, it is just something that I have always done. My father has always been an avid runner competing at national level cross country during his time at school and running several marathons. In terms of the Larnaka marathon, I took some time off from running when I first moved back to Cyprus with my fiancé in 2021. However, after picking it up again last year I wanted to challenge myself and after some research, the Larnaka marathon seemed like the perfect way to do so.

Have you ever participated in any races or marathons for a charitable cause? What motivated you to combine running with supporting a cause?

Throughout my life, I have been a part of many fundraising efforts and donated to a range of charities; however, this is the first time that I am doing a fundraiser on my own. It was always my intention to fundraise while taking part in the Larnaka marathon. It wasn’t even a question of motivation it was just part of the marathon experience to raise money for a great cause.

Could you please tell us about the cause you are supporting through your fundraising efforts?

I am raising money for “One Dream One Wish”. They do amazing work granting wishes to cancer-afflicted children. The reason I gravitated towards “One Dream One Wish” is because when I was reading the testimonials on their website one of them had a profound impact on me. The testimonial came from a 9 year old boy whose wish was to get a computer. To me, it appeared remarkably innocent coming from a child who has already experienced so much hardship, with their sole wish being something that many of us often overlook or take for granted. That is when I knew that this was the charity I wanted to raise money for.

What does running mean to you personally? How has it influenced your life, both physically and mentally?

I picked up running again when I was having a really tough time mentally and the comparison between how I felt then and how I feel now is night and day. The mental benefits alone make running a really important part of my life. Physically – I love how progress with running can be seen quicker than other types of working out as the PBs come thick and fast. You also start to feel better, I wake up with more energy, my cardio level across other sports is massively improved and overall I feel great. Running can also be done anywhere at any time. You don’t need any additional equipment, a pair of shoes and some tarmac and you are away.

How do you stay motivated to keep running and participating in marathons? Are there any specific goals you set for yourself?

I like to have structure when it comes to running so a training plan is important for me. With the support of my father, I have a training plan up until the day of the marathon which I will stick to. Another motivation is “One Dream One Wish”. Having read about the hardships these children have faced in their short lives and seeing their resilience as they continue to smile, the marathon became less daunting. The goal for me is to raise as much money as possible for this fantastic cause and for the marathon – just have fun.

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