8 Reasons to go for a Run!

8 Reasons to go for a Run!

We all know that running is a great way to keep our body healthy but few of us know its actual benefits. You can start or end your day with a thirty minute run. No matter the time you choose, the great news is that you can always experience its benefits. Here are 8 reasons that will make you go for a run right now!

It improves your overall health

Running improves the blood circulation and it boosts your immune system. It can also raise the levels of the good cholesterol and prevent type 2 diabetes. In other words, a run a day keeps the doctor away!

Running make you happier

Research shows that when we run, our brain releases the feel-good chemicals, called endorphins. These chemicals help fight the depression and all the negative emotions. It is also proven that it can get you high because of the endocannabinoids which our brain pumps out when we run.

It prevents from diseases

Due to the improvement of blood circulation, it lowers the risk of having a heart attack. Especially for women the benefits are vital because running reduces the risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, it strengthens the body inside and out and as result it can better defend itself from a possible threat.

It’s totally free

You don’t have to think it multiple times before you try it, because it doesn’t cost any penny. You just need the suitable equipment (clothes and shoes) and the motivation to move your body and get off the couch!

You can run everywhere

That’s a huge advantage of running outdoors. Gym is nice but looking at the wall all the time..doesn’t sound so good after all. You can choose going for a run at the forest or at the beach. Being able to change images, helps renew your spirit and of course it makes you happier!

It burns more calories

According to the American Council, one hour of weight training workout at the gym burns about 300 calories, while one hour of running burns the twice amount of calories.

It boosts your confidence

Yes, it does! When you choose to go for running you tend to put your health first. Healthy choices bring healthy habits and likewise a healthy lifestyle! By choosing this lifestyle, your confidence increases and you get motivation to help others change their life too!

You feel the accomplishment

Every time you go for a run, there is a beginning and an end. When you arrive at the end, you feel that delicious feeling of accomplishment no matter if the distance was long or short. One thing matters….that you did it!