7 running tips to become a better runner!

7 running tips to become a better runner!

Here are some tips to become a better runner and help reduce your anxiety while improving your mood and energy levels while getting ready for the 1st Larnaka International Marathon!


1. Get a checkup
If you’re new to running or recovering from an injury, it’s essential that you have an expert evaluate your health. This way, you will be able to iron out anny niggles and fix potential problems, while getting the most out of your run.

2. Be consistent
One “easy” way to become a better runner, is to be consistent. The more you run, the sooner you will see an improvement in your mind and body. Follow a realistic and progressive training plan and be sure to execute it. Don’t forget that you need to be consistent, but also realistic.

Running Gear

3. Choose the right type of gear
One thing is for sure. If you’re running off-road, then road shoes with built-up heels are not suitable for you. They will only make you unstable and might event turn an ankle. Get some running shoes with comfortable soles that suit your terrain.

4. Get some smarter socks
When you go shoe shopping, always wear the socks that you will run in. The thickness of the sock always makes a big difference to the fit and feel of any shoe, especially when your feet expand in the heat. Make sure to wear running-specific socks that have extra padding on the toes and heel area, in order to prevent blisters.


5. Build your strength simply by doing an at-home bodyweight circuit to improve your outdoor performance.


6. Train faster
Speed sessions make you more efficient by improving your neural pathways, aka the way your brain communicates with your muscles. Guess what? This way, your body will get used to dealing with lactic acid, so you can run faster and longer.

7. Run to the hills
Hill runs are the simplest form of speedwork session because you can plan them easily and they don’t require too much thinking. Of course, they hurt – but they are over quickly.
Alternatively, run down the hill. This improves foor turnover as you have to keep your feet moving fast to prevent the heavy jarring of your joints.