15 reasons to start running NOW!

15 reasons to start running NOW!

Running is hands down the best activity ever. Why?

1. Do it anywhere. You can run on the treadmill, in the park, everywhere. If you’re travelling, it’s even better. Lace up your kicks and go exploring.

2. Tired of making friends at the bar? Seach for local running clubs or websites, and hit the track with fellow health-minded people.

3. Save money. Forget the gym membership. Just go running, you’ll only need the right footwear.

4. Not only apples keep the doctor away. Active people are less likely to develop colon cancer and women who regularly engage in workouts like running, can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 30 percent.

5. Get primal. We were born to run. Running turned us from apes to humans in order to elude prey.

6. Feel the burn. For a 160-pound person, running can burn more than 850 calories an hour.

7. Boost your memory. Exercise keeps your mind sharp and hitting the track can also reduce symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

8. Get a natural glow. Working up a sweat can rid your pores of the gunk that clogs them and leads to breakouts. Just remember to remove your makeup before you workout and wash gently afterwards.

9. Stay steady. Running helps you protect your knees and tendons in the process.

10. Keep low blood pressure. Amping up workouts can help lower blood pressure in just a few weeks’ time.

11. Take your pet on a run. Grab a leash and give your pet a new kind of treat.

12. Sleep better. Runners adapt to set sleeping routines in order to keep their performance high. Running encourages higher quality sleep.

13. Show your heart some love. People who run for just an hour a week can reduce their risk of heart disease by almost half compared to nonrunners.

14. Increase your stamina. Running makes workouts more enjoyable, while increasing your stamina.

15. Run stress away. Instead of switching the TV on, try running as it boosts the brain’s serotonin levels.

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