4 valuable tips for your preparation for the marathon

4 valuable tips for your preparation for the marathon

Have you decided to join the third Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon on 17 November 2019 and you are wondering how you should be prepared? Here you have 4 valuable tips that will help you!

The preparation, of course, varies depending on the type of marathon you choose to run. A specific preparation, for example, is required for 42 km and another for 5 km. Here we will deal with the 42 km route which is the most demanding.

Can everyone participate in a marathon?
The answer is affirmative. Everyone can run, whether they have never experienced it again in their life or they have experience of long routes. The readiness of each one, of course, is different and depends on his physical condition. A beginner needs different preparation from someone who has participated in other marathons. So, everyone can run into a marathon if he/she is healthy. Basically, good health is the only prerequisite to run at 42 km. So, before you decide it, you should visit a cardiologist and optionally you should perform blood and urine tests.

When should you start the preparation for the Marathon?
It depends on your level. Beginners are advised to follow a 12-18 week program. For those with the most advanced requirements in the race, those who generally participate in marathons, a different preparation of 16-24 weeks is required. During this period, no heavy training program is needed. It is preferable a program with long duration and less stress.

Which hours are adequate for running in the summer?
Now that the weather (finally) reminds us summer, you need to pay more attention at the exercise. Especially in summer with high temperatures, you cannot run whenever you want during the day. The most adequate hours for running in the summer are early in the morning or late afternoon (after 19.00).

Does nutrition play a role in the preparation?
An equally important part of the training before the Marathon is nutrition. A healthy diet is always recommendable for human health and much more if you have decided to run in a marathon. You should follow a balanced diet with frequent and small meals, rich in vitamins and nutrients. You should eat daily 50%, or even more (60%), carbohydrates, 20-30% protein, and the rest 10-20% fat. Do not forget the water, which you should consume in larger quantities.


For more information, you could visit the official website https://larnakamarathon.com/ . You can sign up at this link.