Green Strides

Green Strides – Championing Sustainability at the Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon with Bioland Promithia

The Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon proudly stands as Cyprus’s inaugural Green Marathon since its very beginning.

In collaboration with Bioland Promithia, our dedicated Sustainability Sponsor, we’re elevating our commitment to a green and sustainable approach. Together, our initiatives during the event focus on key environmental matters.

Our aim: putting recycling at the forefront, highlighting the need to reduce carbon emissions, ensuring our environment gets the care it deserves and reminding everyone of their role in battling climate change effects while keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum throughout our events.

That’s why we’re operating with the endorsement of the Cyprus Environmental Commissioner and have the valuable backing of official bodies, teams, and sponsors.

Be a part of an event that’s not only about the thrill of the race but also cares deeply for our planet.

Measurable Actions

The Green Strides initiative will help us take measurable actions which can then provide data for improving future events:

  • Minimise use of petrol cars & replacing them with zero-emissions fully electric cars
  • Recycling points at all fueling stations during the race
  • Provision of clothing and footwear recycling points
  • Recycling and upcycling of otherwise wasted material such as PVC banners and medals
  • Training of employees and volunteers around emissions, recycling and circular economy
  • Fully paper-less registrations, processing, and participation certificates, from start to finish
  • Increase awareness around CO2 emissions and promote the use of alternative transportation

Impact Report and Sustainability Guide:

It is essential to embrace environmental responsibility while continually assessing our strides and targets.

In collaboration with Bioland Promithia, the Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon will unveil each year a comprehensive report of the event’s environmental footprint, directing us towards best practices for hosting green-conscious athletic events in Cyprus’ unique environmental and societal landscape.


Our aim is only reachable with the support of the following bodies, organized teams and companies: