A few words about Larnaca

The city of Larnaka is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, with finds from the 13th century BC.

A city with significant historical and geographical value, a point of reference and a place laid clame to by the powerful peoples of the time.

In ancient times, the city of Larnaka was called Kition and was a focal point for the conquerors of the time. Over the centuries, the Achaeans, the Assyrians, the Egyptians and the Persians, conquered Larnaka, appointing Phoenician kings to govern its administration. In fact, the city of Larnaka participated with Alexander the Great in the siege of Tyre and was finally conquered by the Romans in 58 BC. The story of King Kimon is also remarkable. He died while besieging the city from the sea when it was under Phoenician domination. King Kimon demanded that his associates not disclose his death in order to keep morale high among the allies, resulting in the attack of the Phoenicians and ensuing victory of the naval battle.

The city was destroyed in 77 AD by a mighty earthquake. Following the earthquake, a complete reconstruction of the city commenced. Today, Larnaka is a beautiful city with rapid growth. Since 1974, the country’s main airport is in the city of Larnaka, making it a great hub for travel to the Middle East.