Chrysoula Goudenoudi

Chrysoula Goudenoudi

Chrysoula Goudenoudi

«I live in this wonderful city with these amazing people for the last 6 years!

It is a great pleasure to become an ambassador of this great event.

This sporting event is seeking to put Larnaka city in the spotlight and moreover, it will motivate the people to engage themselves in different sport activities. I am aware of how important is a healthy lifestyle achieved by training and physical activity therefore, I ask you all to take part in this sporting celebration.

Alone or with friends, come and prove to everybody that Larnaca loves and supports sports! Let’s run together! We’re waiting for all of you!»

Few words about Chryssa

Chryssa Goudenoudi is a member of the Panhellenic Gymnastics Club. She has won ten national records at the 400m indoor track, 400m open and 400m hurdles and 13 Panhellenic victories in all categories (Girls, Youth, Young, Women).

She has won as well the third place at the European Super Cup ( 400m )and the eight place at the Olympic Games in 2004 with the 4×400 relay race.